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18 January 2018

This Saturday Night  £5 for 3 bands Shyyne, Mallen & Headliners Daylight Robbery! Live at The Iron Road, Evesham.

After spending the last two years winning critical acclaim all over the world for their last album and playing with the likes of Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Y&T and Def Leppard whilst out on the road, Daylight Robbery debut at The Iron Road with their awesome live show land will introduce music from their upcoming 3rd studio album.

16 January 2018
The Iron Road, Evesham

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The Iron Road, Evesham updated their cover photo.

15 January 2018
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This week live at The Iron Road, Evesham:-
Thur - Big Buns Burgers - Buy One Get One Half Price
Fri - Rob Tognoni (Tasmania) + Hell's Gazelles - £5 OTD
Sat - Daylight Robbery, Malin & Shynne - £5 OTD
Sun - NFL Divisional Championships Live On The Big Screen

13 January 2018


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